The V Spot Feminine Wash Travel Size

The V Spot Feminine Wash Travel Size

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The V Spot Feminine Wash (60 ml)

All natural feminine wash made with ingredients from the earth. Ladies we were sick and tired of using toxic chemicals on our V Spot and that is what birth this game changing product. The V Spot Wash will leave your V feeling cool and refreshed. It has a very light and refreshing scent. Your Yoni will definitely thank you later. The V Spot Wash keeps your Yoni PH balanced.  We recommend two pumps of the foam wash on to your hands and wash your Vulva with your clean fingers from the shower. If you prefer using a wash cloth we recommend a white cloth only.  This product is not intended for internal use. 


Expires after 6 months 


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Extract, Rose Hydrosol, Sunflower Oil, Rice Extract, Olive Oil, Menthol, Organic Calendula Oil , Apple Cider Vinegar, Honeysuckle Extract, Organic Coconut Oil