The V Spot Steam Seat

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Yoni Steaming is becoming more and more popular as women start to take a more holistic approach to Feminine Health and Wellness. The V Spot Steam Seat is our absolute favorite yoni steaming system on the market. (We tried a few methods including steaming from the toilet, which did not make us feel very Queen-Like or Magical at all, to be honest) You will not see this seat being offered by many other yoni steam providers'.

The V Spot Steam Seat makes it easier and more sanitary to steam your yoni from the privacy of your own home. Many sites promote the "Toilet Yoni Steam Method" I purposely sought out this product for myself. I just didn't feel comfortable steaming on the toilet. This one time investment saves you money from visiting a spa that charges up to $70 just for one session. 

Considering the fact that we recommend steaming once a month AT LEAST, for optimal Yoni health and wellness, you can see how investing in an in home steam seat is a no-brainer if you are truly committed to the rehabilitation of your sacred Yoni. 

*Yoni steaming is a sacred and spiritual ritual. Pre order your very own V Spot Steam Seat TODAY! (All steam seats will come with a US adapter.)

Why Yoni Steam?

Yoni Steaming is a magical opportunity to reconnect with your body and reignite your inner vibrance.  

If you suffer from heavy period flow,

painful periods,


Infertility (yes, regular steaming can help you get pregnant)

yeast infections,

bladder infections (UTI),

hemorrhoids or scarring from C-Sections,

you are likely to see great benefits when incorporating this Sacred practice into your existing self care routine.  

(If you do not currently have a self-care routine, it is time to start one Queens.  Ask us for tips!)

Happy Yoni Healing!

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